What Smart Mac Tuneup can do for You?


Deep System Cleanup

Remove all kinds of junk files to free up more space for your Mac


Excellent Performance Boost

Remove all kinds of unwanted files to boost up Mac's performance


Full Security Protection

Remove all kinds of Privacy Exposing items from your Mac

Startup Optimization

Startup Optimization

Selectively remove unwanted apps to load at startup and get a faster system startup


Large & Old Files

Remove all kinds of Large, old unused files to free up more space for your Mac


Smart Uninstaller

Completely Uninstall Apps from your Mac without leaving any leftovers

Excellent Mac Performance Boost

Why your Mac is getting slow and slow?

Mac disk permission issues, high Mac RAM consumption and login startup items are the main culprits to your slow Mac.
Smart Mac Tuneup can solve these problems technically and boost your Mac to the peak performance.

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  • Smart Cleanup
  • Startup Apps
  • Uninstaller

Smart Cleanup helps to enhance the overall performance of your Mac. It ensures your Mac is clean, error free, optimized and running smoothly like a new System.

Speed up your slow Mac startup by removing unwanted startup items. It helps disable or enable auto start programs and checks for security risk level for startup items that can damage Mac.

Scrub away Every Trace of Unwanted Programs from your Mac. Uninstall Apps Smartly whether programs no longer being used, can’t being uninstalled or bundled with other programs. Keep your Mac Safe!


Lighter & Cleaner Mac

Smart Mac Tuneup scans every corner of your Mac. With five cleanup tools, Smart Mac Tuneup helps remove gigabytes of junk files from your Mac. Free up your Mac hard disk and give your more space to run your Mac smoothly. This is particularly helpful for Mac users with smaller SSD hard disks.

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img Safer & Faster Browsing

Once malicious Apps get to your Mac they might take over your browsers by changing settings without permission. What’s worse, you would end up in privacy leaking and slow internet. Smart Mac Tuneup lists all installed Apps and helps removing them quickly and completely.

img Large & Old Files

Large & old files take up huge space of your Mac hard disk. Within few seconds, Smart Mac Tuneup can locate and remove them easily. You can even search files within a specified siuze range.

img Privacy protection

Malicious cookies in the browsers or unsafe Apps may track or even get your personal information leaked. Smart Mac Tuneup guards your privacy all the time. Let you enjoy a safer & cleaner browsing.

Smart Mac Tuneup optimizes smartly!

Smart Mac Tuneup helped me a lot in removing unwanted apps smoothly and i am enjoying a cleaner Mac. I feel the difference.
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Requires OS X 10.10 or later (compatible with macOS Mojave)

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